A popular series of the Galleries section during the previous decade featuring some quite pleasing photographs taken after dark.
A J Evans Extreme A Danter Waltzer E Danter Superstar E Danter Superstar
P Matthews Stargate W Crow Extreme S Robinson Waltzer T Atha Waltzer
B Connell Tagada Joey Silcock Speed Flip M Hammond Jnr Orbiter H J Evans Experience
W Wilson Afterburner J Aldridge Round-Up    
J Armitage Waltzer Alex Crow Top Buzz 2 N Jones Round-Up J Brixton Round-Up
B Burton & G Irvin Boosters J Cogger Waltzer Thomas Benson Waltzer M & D Taylor's Spiderman
J Mellors Tower Edward Davis Twist E Stokes Skymaster R Kayes Paratrooper
G Simons Jumper & A Morris Bungee J Cox Move-It W Murphy 2Xtreme Harris Bros Chair-O-Planes
W R Wilson Superbowl J A T Parrish Extreme    
J Searle Round-Up E Burton Enterprise H Chipperfield Roller S Coneley Tri-Star
D Matthews Megaspin W H Clark Waltzer W Cole (So'ton) Dodgem J C Matthews Jumper

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