A look back over the 1998 which was a most memorable year for many enthusiasts when the first Mondial Top Scan toured the UK.
W Crow Extreme (debut) W Wood Roll Over (debut) N Appleton Slip Clarence Pier Gallopers (new '98)
M Benson Superstar (new '98) P Hatwell Waltzer C Burnett Round-Up M Mulhearn Top Spin
M Hill Sky Lab (Hayling) H Forrest Miami L Stevens High Roller B Matthews Super Trooper
S C Thurston Superbowl (new '98) J Price Superstar (new '98) J Beach Tip-Top Joe Noyce Ski Jump Coaster
E Hall Top Buzz (new '98) Cardiff Big Weekend S Rowland Miami T Charles Rock-O-Plane
W Wright Millennium D Wallis Astrojets E Hall Top Buzz (new '98) C & G Attractions Magic Mouse (new '98)
Oxford St. Giles J Carter Jets M & D Taylor King Loops D Wallis Twist (new '98)
Hull Fair J Mellors Crazy Shake N Seed Ghost Train (new '98) M Benson Superstar (new '98)

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