Hand picked selection of dates for Chartered & other fixed fairs only.
14th February
23rd February
King's Lynn Mart Fair
2nd March
9th March
Wisbech Mart Fair
1st April
6th April
Stamford Mid-Lent Fair
7th April
10th April
Grantham Mid-Lent Fair
17th April
22nd April
Kirkcaldy Links Market
2nd May
4th May
Leominster May Fair
2nd May
6th May
Ludlow May Fair
2nd May
6th May
Northallerton May Fair
4th May
11th May
Boston May Fair
7th May
9th May
Hereford May Fair
10th May
Beaconsfield Charter Fair 750
20th May
Wickham Charter Fair
25th May
27th May
Lichfield Bower Fair
29th May
Pinner Fair
15th June
22nd June
Rowell Charter Fair
19th June
24th June
Cambridge Midsummer Fair
21st June
29th June
Newcastle Town Moor Fair
25th July
Ebernoe Horn Fair
12th August
Whitby Regatta Fair
23rd August
Priddy Sheep Fair
9th September
10th September
Oxford St Giles Fair
10th September
14th September
Neath September Fair
16th September
17th September
Witney Feast
19th September
20th September
Amersham Charter Fair
18th September
21st September
Barnstaple Fair
19th September
21st September
Thame September Fair
23rd September
24th September
Stevenage Charter Fair
25th September
28th September
Bridgwater Fair
26th September
28th September
Wallingford Michaelmas Fair
26th September
6th October
Peterborough Bridge Fair
30th September
1st October
Burton Statutes
2nd October
4th October
Baldock Charter Fair
2nd October
6th October
Nottingham Goose Fair
4th October
12th October
Hull Fair
5th October
Marlborough Little Mop
7th October
8th October
Abingdon Michaelmas Fair
7th October
8th October
Ledbury Mop Fair
8th October
12th October
Tavistock Goosey Fair (car park)
9th October
Tavistock Goosey Fair (streets)
9th October
10th October
Tewkesbury Mop
11th October
12th October
Stratford Big Mop
12th October
Buckingham 1st Mop
12th October
Marlborough Big Mop
16th October
18th October
Banbury Michaelmas Fair
16th October
19th October
Ilkeston Charter Fair
16th October
19th October
Newbury Michaelmas Fair
16th October
29th October
Bridlington Autumn Fair
17th October
Alresford Charter Fair
18th October
19th October
Warwick 1st Mop
19th October
Buckingham 2nd Mop
20th October
23rd October
Salisbury Pleasure Fair
21st October
Chichester Sloe Fair
24th October
25th October
Stratford Runaway Mop
24th October
28th October
Ripley (Derbys.) Charter Fair
25th October
26th October
Warwick Runaway Mop
13th November
16th November
Loughborough Pleasure Fair
20th November
Petworth Charter Fair
DISCLAIMER: This compilation of dates is created in good faith. Charter Fairs are retained in the list after their completion with the following year's date(s) inserted, observing the date rules applied by their Charter. Fair-Pix does not held itself liable for any inaccuracies that may occur. Some events maybe subject to cancellation or alteration. Advisory to check before you travel any long distance journeys.

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