1st part of a two part special looking at the attractions for the 2018 Links Market.

David Taylor's Air Maxx 360

Not quite ready for its UK debut 12 months before, David Taylor's Safeco Hang Jump finally making its debut at Kirkcaldy. Imported from Australia early last season the new attraction the first of its kind since M & D Taylor's Smashing Jump last appeared in 2011.

Lincoln Gore's Mexican Wave Jumper

A new attraction for this year all the way from the Lancashire Section of Showmen's Guild, this replaced Andrew Harniess' Sea Storm which was missing from Kirkcaldy for the first time since it was brand new here to David Wallis in 1993.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs new King Sizzler Twist

The latest ride to the Horne's array of major rides was new from PWS Rides Ltd. in September 2017, replacing the K T Enterprises Twister which was in turn sold to David Guest. At Kirkcaldy it was like for like replacement on the same position.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's AtmosFear Loop Fighter.

This impressive extreme ride made its second appearance at Kirkcaldy after its debut in 2013. It was to be an award winning return too for Stanley who scooped the Best in Transport prize for his Volvo FH16 voted at the FAGB model exhibition on Saturday.

Returning to the Links Market this year.

Having missed the Links Market last year Michael Houghton's Top Star Superstar was on return visit..

Another ride returning after a year's absence was Graham Sedgwick's Rock Rage Inversion replacing David Thomson's Waltzer.

The other major headline rides at the Links Market.

Mitchell Wilmot's Air Raid Extreme, this year's FAGB Best Ride winner.

Abie Danter's AIR Star Shape in its usual commanding position at the town centre end.

Abie Danter's Wild Mouse sporting its newly refurbished fleet of cars.

Jonathan Wheatley's KMG Speed Buzz.

David Thomson & Sons' Booster.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs Freak Out which this year enjoyed sole rights.

Gerald Reeve's Ice Jet Matterhorn which was very popular.

Jon Johnson-White's Tagada attracting huge crowds.

James Stokes' Over the Top which made its debut in his ownership a year ago.

Graham Sedgwick's Super Spin.

Stanley Gamble with the fair's second Jumper open here.


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