Continuing from Part One to look at the attractions that headed the 2018 fair.

With Thomson's Waltzer absent this time the customary four were on their usual positions.

Asa Taylor

Justin Codona

Christian Horne

Joe Taylor

Staple attractions at the Links Market.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs Dodgem.

Jan de-Koning's Dodgem.

Morgan Miller's traditional Dodgem.

A second Twist provided by Clifford Codona.

Horne's Pleasure Fairs latest Miami returned for second year.

The second Miami was John Wheatley's popular Limbo Dancer.

David Thomson & Sons' Superbob.

Ryan Colquhoun's Gallopers were back for the second consecutive year.

Completing the machine line-up was Graham Sedgwick's Rotor.

Headlining the attractions supporting the big rides.

Carrick Broughton opened his Ghost Train at Kirkcaldy for the first time.

Gilbert Chadwick's Ghost Train returned after the position was last year occupied by Jay Dean Storey's Family Coaster.

The traditional Ghost Train of Aaron Boswell in The Basin after two-years lapse.

Finally Sammy Stokes had the only Ghost Train here last year.

Six Fun House's at the Links on return visits, first Gilbert Chadwick's widely travelled show.

Trent Irvin on a different position.

Freddie Wheatley's unique Outer Limits.

Billy Burns returns after first time last year.

Dean Stirling's Jungle Madness returned after its debut last year. Joint winner of the FAGB Best Supporting Attraction.

Asa Pullar's Crazy Circus on its usual position opposite The Basin.

David Wallis' Ice Maze on its annual visit to Links Market.

Michael Hickey's Simulator was a fresh attraction.

Jon Manders' Simulator was on its usual position at The Basin end of the fair.

Heading the attractions for the families.

Ervin Gamble's Big Apple Family Coaster very popular on Friday evening & Saturday.

Reece Wheatley's Frozen Family Coaster located again located in the Basin.

Sheldon Johnstone's smaller Dragon Coaster on a first appearance in the Basin.

William Cubbins provided the sole Helter Skelter at the fair.

Sean Taylor's Super Slide one of two in The Basin area.

Wesley Smith provided the other giant slide.

Frankie Smith from the Northern Section opened his new Convoy Ride here which won FAGB's new Best Juvenile Cup.

Christian Horne's Car ride built by Reeves Amusements another new juvenile ride.

Jay Dean Storey's Frozen Swing returns for a third year.

David Thomson & Sons' Car ride returned for second year.

The only Clements-built Race-O-Rama on the fair was provided by John Whiting.

Johnny Pullar's Baby Apple Ride another novelty attraction for the children on return visit.

Selection of games on offer at the Links.

Mattie Taylor's Win Chocolate Stall the other joint winner of Best Supporting Attraction.

One of five arcades at the fair, this the ex-Abie Danter Gold Rush owned by Trent Irvin.

Daley Capps' Whack-A-Minion Stall.

John Capps returned with his Derby Racer, one of two on offer.

Arthur David Hancock's Bingo Stall.

Winning the new FAGB Best Catering Cup was The Train Grill from Alexandra Whitelegg.


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