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Fair-Pix takes you on a tour of the first large Chartered fair of the Autumn back-end calendar. Oxford St Giles Fair is Feast Fair named after St Giles' Church. The date rule is for the fair to take place on the Monday & Tuesday following the first full weekend of September, 2018 dates being the 4th and 5th.

Entering the fair from City Centre in Magdalen Street East

First attraction greeting the public was Ivy-Louise Scarrott's kiosk.

The beginning of the fair by the Martyrs Memorial.

St Giles (Eastern Side)

We focus on the major and notable supporting attractions positioned on the Eastern Side of St Giles in order of appearance.

William Sheldon's Twister.

Joey Noyce's Star Flyer.

Replacing Marshall Nichols' Dodgem was the fair's largest Fun House owned by John Smith from Tilbury.

In the break from major attractions Danny Smith's well-stocked game units can be found amongst the stalls.

Some of the other games along the row.

Starting the next line of major attractions John Rawlins' Fun House stood where a Miami usually appears.

Paul Nichols' Waltzer.

John Brixton's Meteorite.

Bob Wilson's Funfairs again provided Abie Danter Jnr's crowd pulling AIR Star Shape on the first of the firm's positions.

Wilson's Amusements Extreme & Dance & Smile.

Dorinda Holland's Ignition Dodgem the only example here this year.

From Bob Wilson's Funfairs on next two positions - William Robert Wilson's Street Fighter Revolution and the firm's Booster.

Michael Phillips arranged this year's major new attraction for the fair with Taylors Funfairs' Air Maxx 360.

Wilson's Amusements this year presented Joseph Danter's Twist which has been seen here in the past.

At the end of St Giles Arthur Price Jnr's Lighthouse Slip facing South on its usual position.

Banbury Road

We turn right and head up the narrower street at the Northern end nevertheless still an important part of the fair featuring games and kiosks.

Stephen Fullwood's kiosk.

Philip Searle's Arcade on of two at the fair.

Another larger attraction here was John Lock Snr's Pick.

Woodstock Road

Turn left and walk past St Giles Church (where the volunteers provided welcome refreshments) this leads to the Northern end of the Woodstock Road section.

At this end Tommy Matthews' Rotor on its usual position facing South.

The view from by the front of the Rotor.

Nearby on Western side father & son team Jimmy and Jorden Crole opened their Fun House and Monster Trucks respectively in conjunction with Matthew Stevens.

Another fresh Fun House in the shape of Robert Summers' Fantasy Land.

In a repeat of 2016 Bob Wilson's Funfairs presented (in photo order) John Holdsworth's popular Crazy Bulls and Ross Kayes' Megaspin.

Opposite stood William Scarrott's Pyscho Inn Haunted House.

Next in line Simon Holmes was down again from North Wales with his Derby Racer.

John Jnr and Maddy Lock provided a new fudge kiosk.

Back to the western site Gilbert Chadwick Jnr's Ghost Train and father Gilbert Snr's Fun House completed the Woodstock Road section.

St Giles (Western Side)

Time now to focus on the Western side of St Giles. Attractions coming in order Southbound.

Katie-Louise Noyce's Fun House.

Replacing the Wilson family's juveniles was Paul Owles' Hells Gate 2 Haunted House.

Showmen's Guild National Treasurer Keith Carroll was back again with his Tube Shooter.

Next in line Steven Hill's Miami with Simon Brazil at the controls pulling the punters.

G Brown & Son's traditional Coconut Shy another of the more notable support attractions this side.

William Sheldon's big Figure 8 Circuit car ride.

Local showman Robin Woodford provided two traditional rides in shape of his own Gallopers and Harvey Green's Big Wheel.

Facing the side of the Wheel was Shady Scarrott's Fun House at the junction with Pusey Street.

Local showman Billy Hebborn's Waltzer one of just two this year.

Joel Bunn's Tagada alongside which is due to be fitted with a new backflash some point.

John Graham second position this year was filled by David Pidgley Jnr's kiosk.

Charlton Harris' Fun House situated behind the same showman's games and a children's teacups ride.

Local showman Phil West's Miami.

Clark Kemp's Race-O-Rama on return appearance.

At the lower end was the refreshment booth from the Street Food Wrap Co. in conjunction with Raymond Pearson.

Back to the Southern end of St Giles by the Martyrs Memorial.

Exit the fair from St Giles alongside Magdalen Street

Completing the fair was the final avenue of games and refreshment kiosks.


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